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Phone no:   +91 – 9739735211

  • Age: 22 Years
  • Statistics: 34 – 26 – 36
  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Weight: 52 Kg
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin: Soft & Tanned
  • Breasts: Natural Teenage perfect Shaped
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer
  • Languages Known: English, Hindi,

Welcome to my personal website!


Are you fed up of doing the same old things each day and not being able come over the pressure at workplace? If your worry is about finding ways to enjoy life better and yet not being able to figure it out, we got the right answer for you. Most of you might find no time to even go on a family trip at times due to the ever increasing workload at office. But there is a way much better than even a family trip. The escort services in Bangalore as well as in Bangalore escorts. It is now very easy for one to find the company of the opposite sex and spend days with them. This can certainly add some extra spice to life and makes sure that one’s wildest fantasies are discovered and satisfied.


Most of the businessmen happen to visit Bangalore and Bangalore escorts on business tours that are filled with tightly packed hectic meetings. All that stress can together be brought down by trying this amazing way of stress relief. One cannot miss this opportunity especially on a business tour to Bangalore or Bangalore escorts. Bangalore escorts and Bangalore escorts escorts are known to be very special and especially for sexual activity deprived people, they are of great attraction. One can hire these escorts in Bangalore or even escorts in Bangalore escorts to experience the best time of his life. They make sure one goes through the best relaxing time of his lifetime. The ultimate goal is to make boring stressful business trips a bit colorful.


Young women with a lot of desire for erotic naughtiness await people to be hired. These escorts in Bangalore escorts are very well known for young girls who can rejuvenate one’s power. They work effectively on bringing the wildest fantasies of the client into action. They will to do anything possible from their end just to keep the visitor completely satisfied. When it comes to escorts in Bangalore, the girls are very young and beautiful and also aim at giving complete satisfaction to the person who hires them. VIP escorts in Bangalore are one of the very well known services, high profile escorts Bangalore are also in high demand these days. They are different from the normal Bangalore escorts and Bangalore escorts escorts in terms of the facilities and places of hiring. It is mostly for people with high profile and a big deal of money.



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Escorts Service in Bangalore, Bangalore Escort Services -

The only method of payment we accept is cash, and this is to be dealt with at the beginning of the meeting, so you can forget about it and have fun.

Time spent 

1 – 2 Hours: Rupees. 20,000/- USD 400 (One Session)

4 – 5 Hours: Rupees. 30,000/- USD 600 (Two Sessions)

Over Night: Rupees. 40,000/- USD 800

There are also independent escort services that can be arranged. Escorts for parties and bachelor nights are also available. Bangalore escorts can be accessed through agencies that ensure that the right kind of escorts is allotted. The agencies are open throughout the day and one can get access to it through just a phone call. On giving a detailed information about the kind of escort service required, the agency will arrange for the right kind of escort service.


VIP escort service in Bangalore involves the service in a five start hotel or else, it is a 3 star hotel generally. The agencies make good tie ups with most of these 5 star and 3 star hotels which in turn provide separate services for rooms where escort service is held. One can choose among the various kinds of girls based on age, nationality, sizes and so on. One can as well go for independent escort service which is known to be the best part of Bangalore escorts. Independent girls can be chosen to fulfill one’s desires. They agencies make sure that they provide a good variety for selection and the at the same time expect a bit of commission for having mediated between the service provider and the seeker.


High profile escort service has models and better off looking girls who naturally charge a bit higher than the other normal kinds. Big shots with great money and great desire can certainly opt for this kind of service to attain the highest possible level of satisfaction. It is all about placing oneself in the hands of a beautiful woman who will do anything to keep you satisfied. This pay and have fun kind of an arrangement is of great help to some of the people who face a lot of sexual deficiency in their personal lives.


The beautiful girls are always waiting to serve the needs of hungry men. They are trained models who indeed are capable of understanding one’s requirements even before he has to open up and ask for it. Such is the experience of the girls who promise to make one’s experience an evergreen one. A visitor is sure to return another time and in fact return over and over again after he experiences the thrill of Bangalore escort services or Bangalore escorts escort services.


There are other large cities where the same kind of escort service has been growing with immense speed. But the escort services in Bangalore and Bangalore escorts are the two best known services across the country. Most men prefer to get served at these two cities and most of them even make it a mandatory point to hire escorts at least for half a day on their business tours to these cities. No matter how hectic the business tour is, men make sure that they get to spend a day with these escorts as they are known to be the best and the naughtiest girls available. They are sure to get rid of all their tension and stress associated with their business tours once they come in contact with these beautiful young ladies from Bangalore or Bangalore escorts escort services.


Ultimately, it is fair enough to mention that any man who is deprived of good company at bed, can certainly go ahead with hiring an escort for a day through any of the agencies located in Bangalore or Bangalore escorts. They will be relieved of all the worries and problems that could be bothering them for days to months. A little bit of money and a lot of desire within oneself is all that that is required for one to hire his own escort and have the fun of his lifetime in the style that he chooses to.

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Phone no:   +91 – 9739735211


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Escort in Bangalore: life is fun man! Enjoy it full

Are you in search of some fun? Do you live in Bangalore? Do you know that there are many escort services in Bangalore? Are you new to the city? No problem! What you need is some beautiful relaxation by some of the best divas of the city. Get in touch with us and we would give you a speck of freedom. Oh! Come on man! Be a little smart! Do not hesitate. The world is full of the beauties and you are there made by the God to enjoy everything. So delve into the matter and find out about the best Bangalore escort service.

You must know what the escorts are. Well let us tell in case you do not know. They are the people who satisfy your carnal desires. As a man you must have felt the effect of the testosterone running in your vas deferens. Leave apart the scientific paraphernalia; you must have felt the urge to do a little bit of sex. Well man this is the high time when you can experiment your abilities. The High Profile escorts Bangalore shall make the arrangements for you. You may be a lodger of the Bangalore area or an outsider. In any case you must get a glimpse of life man. Sex is in the air of the city. You are tired after the long day’s work so you need something to hold you on. The VIP escort services shall make you delighted and relaxed. This cannot be denied that sex is a great redeemer. So man, if you are youthful in mind then why waste it in no cause. Enjoy to the best of the desires which your hormones still hold back,

There is a hoard of naughty and beautiful girls in the list. They are models for some and female girls having great decency and elegance. The girls are selected from amongst the best in the city. Most of them, if not all, are from some good homes. They are doing the exchange job for some fun. So man! If you are reading this article and if you are having a strong desire then do not wait, just dial the numbers and call the best girls in the city. You have the right to enjoy. The girls are very cute am naughty. They are waiting for you with their unconfused virginity. Yes this is true! You might encounter a virgin as well. The company has a hoard of attractive feminine genders for you. The city of Bangalore was never so fun!

Still you are afraid of having a round of fun? Then let us derive from the ancient scriptures of the Indian soil. The Kama Sutra was written in India.. the book states that the Kama or the sexuality is the greatest resort of all delights. There is no such delight in the world as good as the sexual quenches. There are the descriptions of the sex positions and the sexual and sensual outcomes in the book. Astounded, are you? Then please do go on reading. The escort service is not today’s job. The job is present in the world since a long time. There are the evidences of the escort services long ago. We get the evidences of the same into the stories of the ancient civilizations. So the task is age old. Those people commissioned for the sex life because they knew that the sex is an attribute which is essential. Please admit that you have often felt the sex in yourself. There were no ways to do it. Now you can get the life time experience man! Come on and get the delights of the Escorts in Bangalore.

If you are new to the city and dwelling in the hotel. Then you must have felt the ardent need to be horny some times. The work load must have devoured you. Each time you entered the air conditioned room of you hotel you must have felt that ah! Had there been a sexy chick, I would have been to the h3eavens. Why keep you job undone man! This is the twenty first century and the Bangalore is the city of fulfilling the dreams. There are dreams in the lights of the city. They beckon you. The Escort in Bangalore beckons you. The company has a group of model girls who are very trained and educated. They know the art of sex. These slues are there to help your blowjob in the recluse of your room. The service offered by them is 24 * 7. The people are very dedicated to give you the greatest pleasures of all times.

The girls have great repute hat it happens many a times that the people who get the services of ours once comes back to us many a times again and again. They love the aura of the escorts. The company is very dedicated. They know that money is a matter yet it does not matter in all stands of life. The charges for the professional models are not as much as you are thinking. They are for your company man, so they know your expenses. Be sure! The police or any kind of other problems shall not arise. This service is offered in only 3*, 5* hotels. So if you are reading the article and getting really hard yet if you are lodging in some normal hotel then do not call us. We do not do the work in small hotels. The girls are very sophisticated to go elsewhere. So if you are too attracted the book a three starrer for a day!

Life is fun man! We are giving you that. You are in a foreign place. You are working hard. You are getting tired. What about your own desires? Why sacrifice them ruthlessly? We shall offer the service and you shall take. Our girls shall love to play with you. The night shall be colorful with the VIP escort services. So be in the fun and see, life changing and blooming in all the colors!


  • Explore the Garden City with Bangalore Escorts – Bangalore is also known as the Garden city, where plenty of quality places to be visited. Apart from the restaurants, nightclubs and pubs, there are several places around the city which are worth to be visited. One can also opt for an excursion to Ooty or other major hill stations of South India from Bangalore. Hire a car or book your flights and visit to the romantic hill stations of South India with your beautiful as well as charming Bangalore escort companion.
  • Services as per Client’s Convenience – Professional Bangalore escort service always commits services at per clients’ convenience. You service will not be time bound! Ask for the services as much as you can afford. Whether you want a nightstand or you want services for a week – you will get all sorts of services as per your needs or desires. Apart from that you will get services within your budget or affordability range too. From local college teenagers to stunning professional models or TV celebs – several options are there to satisfy your ocean of lust as well as desire.

Choose Professional Services – Stay Safe

When you are looking for escort services, it is important to find professional service providers. Many people fall in the trap of some non-professional agencies which intend to cheat the clients and make money through that. However, thankfully, not all service providers are like them – plenty of trusted services are there too. They provider client oriented services, affordable services and most importantly they commit complete confidentiality of client identities. Independent Escort Bangalore can also be found operating via pimps. However, safety, professionalism and quality of such services are still under a lot of questions. Independent escorts in Bangalore sounds pocket-friendly, but a lot of risks are there. Moreover, agencies generally have large operating circles. Various options are there for the clients, starting from charming north Indian girls, sweet as well as cute East Indian girls and different other girls from different ethnic Indian background. So, if you are planning for a trip to Bangalore, do not miss the fun – try out VIP Escorts Bangalore and cherish your trip forever.